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What’s in a Logo?

The Cataclysm Geology logo is the familiar boat built by Noah, a rogue wave larger than the boat itself–to indicate the scale of the event–and an image of the ‘snapped’ rock layers of Siccar Point, Scotland. That example shows us something that happened abruptly and recently, because a slow event millions of years ago would look entirely different. It looks ‘fresh.’ That reason is key to understanding the Cataclysm as direct reality we can observe everyday.

But Siccar Park is also an ominous indicator: no print or media description of the Genesis cataclysm (nor any cataclysm mentioned in many world accounts) can be shown or given out within 1 mile of the park! The basis of reality which we have in Genesis suffers another blow when state offices make such decisions. Cataclysm boards re-introduce the public to this area of science and how it reinforces Genesis.

Cataclysm Boards are pre-evangelism through geology while the scientific world is once again knocked off-balance by accumulated or rediscovered data.

For geologic studies and resources, please go to the Resource page.

AUGUST 2020: planning is under way for air tours of the North Olympic area.

For more information about placing and using interpretive boards, read on:

We hope to take this to a ‘new level’: air tours of the North Olympic area. This will be in planning during August.

Your pictures wanted! Please send shots taken in the Northwest for interpretation, and if the shot is truly worthwhile we will post it. You don’t have to find a dramatic geologic form; sometimes an exposed road bank can tell a lot! Please identify the location using the nearest road or trail milepost. Email to:


The vision of Cataclysm is for each church to have ‘the next best thing to a creation–cataclysm museum’ in their building. The other parts of this outreach we can help you with are:

*interp board locating, siting, signage, and writing

*establishing hosting times and 5 min. intro talks

*monthly creation–cataclysm films

*a monthly display at your church which needs only 50 SF storage.

Marcus Sanford, developer, 360-460-9473


Video introduction:

Due to going virtual, please feel free to call 360-460-9473 for the duration to ‘visit’ my booth. A txt with your email address is the best way to view the newest materials. Cataclysm designs, writes (including updates) and advises on siting, but only produces the boards in its local north Olympic peninsula area. For others, that task is up to the church/buyer and its resources and its member’s gifts. As of March, a steel version in permanent rust finish and plasma-cam artwork with one season decals was in the $500 price range. Shown above is a deck-materials version for about $200 for materials, apart from the design and writing of $150.

Pleased to announce a legal assistance referral about free speech and interpretive signage. Some WA pastors have mentioned difficulties in certain towns. Contact for details.

GEOLOGY GUIDE SERVICE, Summer 2020: Book now for ride-alongs or meet-ups on the north Olympic Peninsula, WA. 360-460-9473. By donation. See the DRIVING GUIDE attachment in “Resources.”

November 2019:

The board shown above is located at the Agnew Friends Hall, N. Barr Rd near Old Olympic Hiway, Port Angeles, WA. The Peninsula Evangelical Friends church, owners, was the first to install a board in November 2019. About 6 local-interest sites are mentioned in the material shown, along with several QR codes to key resource materials. There are also a few pointer signs in the area at major traffic points.

Any individual or church on north Olympic that would like to have a board installed should contact me at Of the 4 panels shown, 2 are custom written about the location where the board will be placed. I hope to develop several of these, because there are so many things to mark around north Olympic–and then on to the rest of the Cascadia area.

NOT SHOWN: The next question you may have is ‘how do–or would–people find these, other than coming across them by chance?’ The answer is pointer signs. The board itself doesn’t need to be located in major traffic areas to be effective, but they do need pointer signs. These can be “H”-frame-foamboards as used for real estate or campaigns or business startup. The ones used at Agnew are either on the same property (because it is on a major area road) or tell you that you need to go 0.3 miles down a road (because that pointer is seen at a public ‘discovery’ trail.)


The board shown above is deck materials. The printed parts are laminated. As of November 2019, the laminated surface has endured the weather, although the layering of the lamination of one of the 5 attached pieces was not water-tight. The laminated printed pages was chosen to determine how much UV fade will occur and for inexpensive revision if needed.

A church or property owner may have the resources to build their own structure. 2 of the laminated prints are mostly universal content, 2 pages are local reference and it is very important to have custom writing. The minimum cost would then be $150 including the local pages. The materials cost of producing a deck-materials structure is $200. There is no delivery charge on north Olympic.